Standards of Care

We care for people from 65 years of age and prepare tailor made packages of care and support according to assessed needs and levels of dependency.

We adhere to the principles of ‘Person Centred Planning’ and work with our residents to ensure their wishes and needs are incorporated into every aspect of their life at The Limes. We build on unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences, needs and goals.

We work in a multidisciplinary environment and involve other health and social care professionals; ensuring their support and advice is incorporated into personal support plans and followed accordingly. Families and friends are also very valuable to our’ support planning process’ and are actively encouraged to participate in our residents daily lives. Open visiting and close co-operation with all residents families supports our ethos and also ensures continuity of care.

As a family we work together along with a professional team of staff to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered at all times. Our staff are encouraged and supported by an on-going training and development programme. We support, and we train our valued staff to exceed required levels of competency, and ensure they have the integrity, empathy, knowledge and skills to deliver a first class service.

Residential Care

We all value our independence and many of us intend to live in our own home as long as possible. Yet staying at home is not always possible.

As you get older, your strive for independence can actually result in isolation, loneliness and increased confusion as your old familiar home just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Moving to The Limes means you join a community of people where, freed from many of the challenges of daily living, you are able to make new friends and join in a wide variety of activities, in a home that helps you to be as independent as possible while being safe.

Moving to a home like The Limes is a big decision and we help people make that transition much easier with our day care, and respite services.

The Lemon Tree

A 7 bedded self contained floor within The Limes, designed to support those with dementia. The Lemon Tree is specifically designed to make life easier and clearer for those living with dementia.

Those with dementia often no longer experience the world in the way that you do. Connections between objects and actions that we all take for granted can easily become a major source of puzzlement and frustration when you live with dementia.

Therefore, to keep their life as engaging and fulfilling as possible, we try to ‘see inside the bubble’ and discover activities that are meaningful to them, bring them joy and happiness and promote their independence.

Respite Care

Imagine how great it would be to take some time for yourself; Maybe take a much needed holiday or spend time with the children or perhaps simply just relax, rest and recharge your batteries.

Let’s face it caring for a loved one can be an immensely tiring full time job. You need to be on your toes 24 hours a day seven days a week and no one can keep that up forever without a break.

Not only that, but your loved one may also crave a break from the sense of guilt that often comes with feeling helpless and having to be cared for continuously.

We understand this and have introduced a respite care service specifically to care for your loved one while you take a break. They come and stay at the home and enjoy all the activities on offer which keeps then engaged, active and provides a refreshing change. And you can take a well earned rest safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the very best care and attention.

You could even take a family holiday in the area while your loved one is at the home. That way you can pop in and see them whenever you want to or take them with you for a day out.

A stay can last for as long as you like from a few days to a whole month or more if there’s something special you need time to do. To book a place please contact the Home Manager

Day Care

Deciding to live in a care home is a big decision and it makes sense to plan ahead so that, when the time comes, you already know where you want to live. Once you have viewed a few care homes, one good way to try out The Limes is to make use of our day care service.

With our extensive activities programme you will find us a sociable and active home with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself, and join in activities such as gardening, music, cooking, and pub quizzes.

Or you can just come and have your hair or nails done, or enjoy a bath. You tell us what will make you happy and we will do our best to meet your needs.

And of course if you use our day care service you will have priority when a room becomes available when you decide the time has come for long term residential care.